This is the main page of our projects – Young Diplomats for Peace – Denmark, Georgia and Ukraine. The project is a partnership among three organizations as listed in the partnership section/page, and spans 2 and a half years since its kickoff in August 2016. Below you find more specific information. Enjoy your visit.

The Project: Young Diplomats for Peace – Ukraine and Georgia (2016 – 2019)

The project aims to facilitate the cultivation and maintenance of non-violent conflict resolution mechanisms in the Balkan region by supporting a group critical ambassadors for peace in leading this development. The project has its basis in the fact that many of these countries for many years have had repeated violent conflicts that have dozens of lasting repercussions on the countries and communities’ development and well-being. Young people are particularly great sacrifices in these conflicts and therefore also the right audience to lead the change. The project will take the form of various courses, exchanges, and non-formal learning as well as lobbying and advocacy. The project will be specifically implemented in Ukraine and Georgia. The overall objective of this project is: to make a contribution to a bottom-up, people-to-people approach to peace-building by strengthening the role of young people as peace ambassadors capable of acting as a bridge to peaceful conflict resolution among the post-soviet societies, particularly in Ukraine and Georgia civil societies.

Project objectives:

First, to empower young people to become peace ambassadors capable of fostering peace at local and transnational level.

Second, to create a sustainable partnership among civil society organizations (CSOs) in Denmark, Ukraine and Georgia.

Third, to facilitate a strong CSO – Local Schools partnership/network as a way of ensuring that there is sustained connectivity between non-formal education methods to peace building and mainstream education systems.

The project partners:

Crossing Borders (CB) provides youth with platforms to cross-fertilize ideas and to form global associates, networks and communities worldwide. In a learning environment, where all participants are encouraged to grow and learn from one another, we enable young people to share their best ideas, best products and best practices. Find out more here: www.crossingborders.dk

“Alternative-V” is a non-political, non-profit non-governmental youth organization, founded in 1992. Alternative-V was created to facilitate co-operation among youth organizations, to promote active citizenship among Ukrainian youth through their involvement into programs in the fields of education, culture, ecology, historical heredity protection and helping disadvantaged people. Alternative-V wants to contribute to development of more peaceful society, to the decrease of social injustice. The Association obtained national status in 1999. Find more here: http://www.alternative-v.com.ua/en/about-us/

The Academy for Peace and Development (APD) is non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization, which aims at empowering youth and civil society actors for living and building peace in Georgia, South Caucasus, Europe and beyond through development of competences, advocating participatory policy development and promoting partnerships on cross-sectorial and intra-sectorial levels. Find more here: https://apdyouth.wixsite.com/apdx/about

This project is funded by CISU, an ambrella of close to 300 Danish Civil Society Organizations – small, medium and large. CISU manages the Civil Society Fund on behalf of DANIDA.